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Polcari Associates, Ltd. was started by Frederick Polcari DMD in 1985 with the intent of developing a logical appraisal method for his fellow dentists. Since developing his own appraisal software he has lectured, presented and written numerous articles guiding hundreds of dentists through a confusing journey, making the appraisal approach logical and above all easy to understand. His firm became the largest broker of dental practices in the Washington DC area, and after over 30 years he has decided to discontinue the brokerage services and offer only truly independent practice appraisal programs.



Good Will

The transfer of patients and their income


Hard Assets

Of the practice equipment, supply, and improvements


Locational Factors


Practice Income

Gross collection and net take home


Rates and terms available

The Second Opinion

It is shocking to see how many practices on the market are inaccurately priced. Sometimes analyzed by an accountant who has never been involved in sales, sometimes by a broker who wants to inflate the price, and sometimes by a seller who is not trained to fairly estimate his or her own practice. This program was originally designed to assist buyers of practices who were looking at multiple offices and could not afford a full blown analysis for each practice. We provide a quick analysis of the income and facts about the practice from the answers to our questionnaire which the buyer, accountant, owner, or broker of the practice gives to the buyer for us to see. We assume the buyer likes the area and the physical plant. We do not review the actual tax returns for accuracy. If the result seems reasonable to the buyer, the more comprehensive “Premier” version can be added later. You are about to spend a lot of money. You owe it to yourself to get a second opinion.

Cost: $195

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The Premier

This version is designed for the most accurate assessment of value for a buyer and also for the owner of a practice for estate planning, selling or partnership. We comprehensively review the financials of the practice and all of the important factors about the practice, patients and location. We ask that reports and essential facts be provided to us for review. This is the same full and accurate appraisal we have provided in this area for over 33 years, but at a fraction of the cost of other so called experts. Our analysis is easy to read, easy to understand, and includes as many phone or e-mail consults you need to understand what the practice is worth and why. We are not out to impress you with the number of pages we can type nor do we analyze using 5 techniques and average them as if we were alchemists mixing 5 base metals and expecting gold to be produced. We choose the correct technique for the particular practice we are appraising.

Cost: $995

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Consulting Services
(By Phone or E-mail)

For buyers confused over how to proceed, how to judge the merits of the practice they are looking at, how to obtain financing or a good attorney or accountant and for a practice owner planning a future sale, bringing on an associate or partner, or looking to improve profitability.

Cost : $250/hour
(2 hour minimum)

Second Opinon

Estimates Or Confirms
Approximate Value

Major Uses
  • Buyers looking at multiple practices, confirming asking price
  • Includes our basic review of income, good-will with answers supplied by owner
  • No locational analysis

Cost: $195


Greater Accuracy For
Buyer or Seller

Major Uses
  • Selling your practice
  • Buyers close to signing
  • Partnership formation
  • Partnership feasibility
  • Practice improvement
  • Estate planning
  • Adds a total review of practice financials and factors with extensive analysis of all factors

Cost: $995

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