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DENTAPPRAISETM is a dental practice appraisal tool created in 1992 by Frederick Polcari DMD, president of Polcari Associates Ltd, the most experienced dental practice brokers in the Washington, DC area. Our experience selling dental practices since 1985 assures accuracy in appraising the current market value.There are two versions available.These programs are updated yearly as conditions such as rates, terms and buyer preferences change. Either program can be used for general as well as speciality practices. You can decide which version suits your needs, and we will send you the corresponding questionnaire.You fill it out and send it back to us and we take care of the rest.

There are 5 major categories we examine in determining practice value:
  1. Practice income - gross and net (Take-home)

  2. Rates and terms available

  3. Good-will transfer of patients

  4. Hard asset value (Equipment, leasehold, supply)

  5. Locational factors


Ball Park Edition:
DENTAPPRAISETM "BALLPARK EDITION" is designed to give the owner of any dental practice an approximate value for estate or pre-sale planning.This edition is also perfect for buyers of dental practices who are visiting multiple practices and do not wish to spend a fortune just to determine if an asking price is reasonable.The questionnaire which we supply is filled out by the practice owner, we do not verify the answers, and the appraisal is based totally on the information provided to us about the practice. Location is not considered.That is why it is a basic"ballpark"estimate of value.
COST: $195

Premier Edition:
DENTAPPRAISETM "PREMIER EDITION" is designed to give the owner or buyer of a dental practice a more complete and in-depth analysis of the present market value of the practice showing not only what the practice is worth but why. By examining the factors that influence value, this appraisal can show how the practice value can improve if changes are made, which is perfect for pre-sale planning. The questionnaire is more comprehensive, includes general locational questions, and helps determine the feasibility of the practice for partnership.We review the actual practice financials (profit & loss statements or tax returns) and depreciation schedules.This version includes as many telephone or e-mail consultations as needed so that we can clarify all of your information,and confirm the net income of the practice.
COST: $995


Estimates or confirms the approximate analysis value of a dental practice

More comprehensive analysis
Greater accuracy selling or buying
  • Estate Planning
  • Practice review
  • Buyers considering multiple practices
  • Confirming a practice asking price
  • Selling your practice
  • Confirming opinion
  • Serious buyer final phase
  • Financing purchase
  • Feasibility for partnership
  • Practice improvement
Includes our basic review of income, equipment,good will with answers supplied by the owner of the practice. We do not confirm or question the answers. No locational analysis.
COST: $195
Adds a total review of financial records, and more in-depth questions with personal contact to clarify answers given or find net income categories. Locational factors are included in analysis. Extensive analysis of factors making value go up or down.
COST: $995